• FIELD NOTES, Knepp Farm

Gosnells open tomorrow

HOMAGE TO BEES A satellite exhibition at the Tasting Rooms above The Coal Rooms by the entrance to Peckham Rye Railway Station ticket office, to co-inside with Artists Open House, Dulwich. Open 5pm Wednesday and Thursday. Friday and Saturday until 10.30

Small paintings for sale by [top] Jeremy Youngs and [below] Asia Ceramics

It's World Bee Day on the 20th May and Gosnells Tasting Rooms are hosting some of the swarm of artists showing over 2 weekends at 264 and 274 Upland Road, SE22 0DN. #coalrooms #peckhamrye #craftdrinker #peckham #gosnells #gosnellsmead#craft #craftbrewery #brewery #mead #honey

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