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Simon Schama in his book “Landscape and Memory” writes how “landscape is the work of the mind... by revealing the richness, antiquity, and complexity of our landscape tradition [we] show just how much we stand to loose”.

My landscape photography wrestles with the question of how to depict what we call nature. I value a glance over a stare; blur and fuzz over clarity and hi-definition; the subjective over objective, attempting to evoke connectivity over separation.  

Each of the albums shows a selection of the images found in my hand-made photobooks.

All the individual photographs are available to purchase.

Printed on Fine Art PermaJet Museum paper [310gsm] using gallery pigment archival inks.

They come in two sizes. Each a limited edition, signed and numbered.

Small prints image dimensions are 13ins. x 19ins. [33cm x 48cm]

Large prints image dimensions are 20ins. x 30ins. [51cm x 76cm]

Email me [see About-Contact] for details of prices

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